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Caring for Your Treasures

*The bold, gray terms on this page are hyperlinks that will take you to the term's definition in our glossary.

When you decide to save items connected with your loved one or relevant to your experiences of 9/11, you want to make sure they are stored or displayed properly so they will be preserved for future generations.  

Some things you will choose to save at home as part of the legacy of your loved one and your family.

Some things you may choose not to keep yourself, but they may be important to preserve as part of the history of the 9/11 disaster. These you may want to donate to an organization that collects and preserves historical materials and makes them available for the public to see.

Keeping Your Mementos at Home

You have chosen to keep certain items at home because they are especially important and meaningful to you, so you want them to last as long as possible.  In this section you will find information about how to preserve different kinds of items, how to store them, and how to display them. 

You will also find links to several brief videos with demonstrations and discussion of preservation techniques. 

Donating Materials to a Historical Repository

Some of the materials you have saved may help tell the history of 9/11 for your whole community, your city, and the nation.  And there may be a repository, an organization such as a historical society, archives, or museum that would be interested in accepting your materials as part of their collections.

Learn how to decide whether to donate materials, what repositories do with the things they collect, and how to choose a repository. You may also want to watch a brief video on donation