You and Your Records

Here you will find information to help you care for personal papers or organizational records or donate them to a repository.

  • New York State Archives resources include many publications and guides.  Though most are written primarily for the stewards of historical records in organizations, many will be useful in dealing with your personal papers. 
  • 9/11 Memory & History helps survivors, responders, and victims of the 9/11 attacks deal with their mementos of the tragedy.  It provides guidance with the hard decisions of which things to keep for themselves, what to save for history, and what to discard.  It also explains how to take care of the things you keep so they are preserved as a family or community legacy for future generations.
  • If you are thinking about donating your records to a historical records repository, the Society of American Archivists (SAA) has a Guide to Donating Your Personal or Family Papers to a Repository.
  • For an organization interested in donating its records to a historical records repository, see the Society of American Archivists’ A Guide to Donating Your Organizational Records to a Repository.
  • Interested in what an Archives is or what an Archivist does?  The New England Archivists offers FAQs About Archives