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7. Multiple Images. Many people like to choose plenty of different images and places them all over the neck. Find your favorites and create a design of your choosing. 8. The Choker. This tattoo design is gorgeous. It looks like a choker necklace and the design sits on the back of the neck. 9. 26. Sailor Neck Tattoo. Sailor tattoos feature classic maritime symbols like anchors, ropes, and ships, as well as traditional tattoo themes like roses, hearts, stars, and swallows. A sailor neck tattoo is an ideal choice for guys who love a timeless inking and an old-school aesthetic. 27.

1. Music notes neck tattoo. Everyone loves music and it comes as no surprise music notes are a popular tattoo choice among women. One of the most common placement options for music notes tattoo is the neck. Women usually get a music note tattoo on the side or back of the neck. The dragonfly neck tattoo is mostly seen at the back of a person's neck. The shape of a dragonfly, with its long slender body and huge wings create a nice looking shape, and fits a person's neck nicely as a tattoo. Dragonfly neck tattoos are common with the ladies. In popular myths, the dragonfly is often denoted as a sign of transformation.

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5. Neck and shoulder tattoos: In this, you have a large canvas to paint in a detailed manner. You have got a large combined area of shoulder and neck. The tattoo on this area looks super cool and bold. Tribal tattoos, mandala tattoos, and Polynesian tattoos fit perfectly with this placement.

Talk to the Hand Instagram. We are all really weird creatures and tattoos allow people to really express themselves and their personalities. In the classic 2000 blockbuster, Cast Away, Tom Hanks forms a bond with a volleyball while stranded on an island. This tribute to that movie and to dearest Wilson is a treasure.

1: A beautiful black color flying bat tattoo design on the neck for women. 2: Eagle tattoo design on the side of the neck. 3: Tribal tattoo design on neck for men. 4: Medusa Neck tattoo design. 5: Butterfly with skull on chest with flower designs on the back. 6: Awesome Back of neck tattoo design for women.

This video contains collection of 100+ Neck Tattoos including:1. back of neck tattoos2. neck tattoos for men3, side neck tattoos4. small neck tattoos5. throa.

It would be very sexy when a tattoo is sitting there. Here are 101 pretty back of neck tattoos, which include cross tattoo on back of neck, butterfly tattoo on back of neck, feather tattoo on back of neck, bow tattoo on back of neck, bird tattoo on back of neck, rose tattoo on back of neck, infinity love tattoo on back of neck and some others.

60 Awesome Neck Tattoos. October 29, 2013Steven Leave a Comment. Neck is one of most noticeable spot for tattoo. When I saw a tattoo inked on the neck or throat, a first question came to my mind - does it hurt? But most people seem don't have the worry with neck tattoos. People love them because they look cool.

80+ Best Neck Tattoos For Women To Look Cool. Photo Disclaimer - Images used in this article are owned by the respective individuals, artists, or other parties who post on their private social media accounts.. Neck tattoos hurt more than other tattooing placements because of a simple reason; the number of pain receptors and sensory neurons.

1. Hakuna Matata. Some symbols really make a wonderful neck and nape tattoo. Symbols help one to convey messages that mean to them. Symbol of an African word Hakuna Matata which simply means No Worries look really great on nape. Especially if the tattoo is in black and small in size. 2.

Small neck tattoo designs are cute designs which can include hearts, butterflies, floral patterns, etc. · Big Designs: if you are sure you want to go for a big design, according to your choice and preference just make sure you consult your tattoo artist. Neck tattoos are usually small, as our neck itself covers a small region in the body.

31 Cool Neck Tattoos Design for Guys. June 12, 2017 Akta Kamlani. Neck Tattoo Design may not be as popular as tattoos on arm, legs, chest, or back of the body, but they are growing in popularity. Most people choose to use both sides of the neck as the canvas for the graphics or writings (parallel to the jawbone) and back (nape).

Bird neck tattoos look great, actually almost any winged animal (real or not) makes a great neck tattoo. The tattoo below is extra cool because of how the three birds fly up follow the flow of the neck. Plus, it's like 3 tattoos in one, which is a bonus. Tattoo done by Ryan

Throat tattoos were the rage in the mid-2000s. Even though tattoos on the neck are common but it was during the mid-2000s when singers like Chris Brown and rappers like T.I., T-Pain, BMX, Lil Wayne, Sean Combs, and Ludacris popularized them.

Check out 14 non-aggressive neck tattoos for some inspo below—or in case you still need convincing that this placement can be just as pretty as any other. 1. Twice as nice. View this post on Instagram. hand poked ornaments for rosa @rosalaura_ ♥ #handpoked #handtattoo #tattoo #ornament #ornamentaltattoo #handpoke #stickandpoke #.

Flower tattoos look awesome on both men and women. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Rose tattoos, in particular, look like they were made for the neck area. There's something about a blood-red rose tattoo that makes it a popular choice among men. Of course, finding a design is easier when you have a shoulder, chest, or upper back.

A lot of tattoo artists even refuse to do a neck tattoo if this is your first tattoo as they don't want to be part of someone's future regret. Otherwise, neck tattoos are very cool. If the body is a photo album, then without a doubt neck is the cover page. It is your body, and if you want to get a neck tattoo, then you should get one.

From masculine to artistic, these cool tattoo ideas will transform and take your ink to the next level. Contents. 1 Tattoo Ideas For Men. 1.1 Small Tattoo; 1.2 Simple Tattoo; 1.3 Religious Tattoo; 1.4 Cross Tattoo; 1.5 Quote Tattoo; 1.6 Lion Tattoo; 1.7 Wolf Tattoo;. Neck tattoos are extremely visible and impossible to cover as well, so we.

The Chinese symbols of blessings, wealth, and longevity inspired this series of neck tattoos. 6. Christian Small Neck Tattoos. This tattoo design of a darkly shaded cross is meaningfully placed on the neck and encircled with a series of lines in a definitive pattern.

A cool idea tattoo artists have been exploring in recent years is combining two traditional tattoo elements into one design. The classic scorpion tattoo meets a traditional rose in this macabre marriage.. Bird neck tattoos for men are fairly popular and we will share with you a few more examples on this list. We love the movement in this.

Back of Neck Tattoos. 1. Honestly, I don't recommend large size tattoos on the neck but if the tattoo design is as majestic as this bug tattoo then go for it. 2. Back neck tattoos are more popular then front neck or side neck tattoos. A very common tattoo design for back neck is the eye tattoo design. 3. This beautiful deer tattoo design will.

5. Neo Traditional Neck Tattoos. Arising from the American traditional tattoo school, the neo-traditional style continues to grow in popularity for a few reasons. This tattoo approach keeps the elements from American traditional tattoos, like bold lines and the regular use of bright colors, eschew ing the rules and regulations that govern this older tradition.

Aug 8, 2016 - Explore Tattify's board "Neck Tattoos", followed by 23,483 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about tattoos, neck tattoo, neck.

24. The Angel vs The Devil Neck Tattoo. This tattoo offers a cool new take on the idea of a devil and an angel on your shoulders. A long-clawed devil whispers into the wearer's ear from below. Meanwhile, a sweet-faced cherub whispers into the ear from above. It makes the viewer wonder which will win. 25. Stark Black Chevron Neck Tattoo Ideas

6. "Tree of life" neck tattoo. It is one of the most meaningful and thoughtful tattoo designs. "The Tree of Life" is one of those tattoo designs that, regardless of its origin, pervades folklore cultures. It is an ancient symbol that has pervaded numerous cultures, religions, and philosophies.

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