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Peugeot 206 Gti Common Problems

Front Lower Ball Joints. Another problem to watch out for when taking the Peugeot out for a test drive is a widely reported issue with the front lower ball joints. If the 206 seems to be suffering from excessive vibration at the front of the car, or if it pulls slightly to the left or right then this is probably down to this particular fault in. The 2001 Peugeot 206 GTI has the most overall complaints, & we also rate 2001 as the worst model year ranked on several factors such as repair cost & average mileage when problems occur. The most.

Solution: This is a widely reported problem with all models of the 206, and it's caused by the front lower ball joints. These will need to be replaced. While this is quite a quick task, it's made a lot harder by the placement of the ball joints. They can be very hard to access, and this can be a frustrating repair to tackle yourself. It's normally stowed in a pocket in the rear panel in the boot. You need it to lower the spare wheel, so it's a vital part of the tool kit you need to carry in the car. If it's not there, you could try lowering the spare wheel using another tool and check to see if it's in the spare wheel with the jack. If you need to get one try a Peugeot dealer.

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Peugeot 206 users also complain about failure of the radiator fan. The power steering pump is also impermanent, as it likes to howl and leak, so it is worth checking it before buying a given copy. The cooling system may also become unsealed over time. The exhaust system corrodes very quickly, and in many cars the catalyst is clogged.

What are the most common problems and breakdowns used Peugeot 206 1998 - 2009.Used vehicle, experience, issues, review of errors and recalls. FAULTS of engin.

Mechanically, the 206 seems sound, but you should check for excessive brake and suspension wear on XSi, GTi and turbodiesel models. What are the most common problems with a used Peugeot 206 hatchback?

Water pump : Leaking. Fix : Dealer replaced ( 1 small dealer has replaced 3 pumps on GTi model ) Noises or Vibration from Engine Bay/engine mounts : Various noises and vibrations from engine bay. The engine mounts have been a regular source of these noises. Others are loose engine bay trims or covers and heat shields.

Problem 8: Valve problem caused it to not start Peugeot 206. The Achilles gun of the "mechanical" is an electromagnetic valve that fails after 80‐120,000 km, it is abrupt during the transition. The moment of transition is delayed, the "snowflake" and "S" indicators light up and the box "switches" to emergency mode. A pressure.

PEUGEOT 206 GTI 180 2003-2007. Engine: 1997cc. Power: 180bhp. 0-60mph: 7.5 secs. Top speed: 137mph. WHAT TO LOOK FOR. The exhausts can be a little prone to needing replacement prematurely so if it's making a load of noise then consider knocking the price down. Generally there are very few specific issues with the GTI 180, but owners have.

What to look for when buying a Peugeot 208 GTi 2013 - 2019, covering common problems to check for and overall vehicle reliability.

The 206 GTi 180 gains curtain airbags and ESP, as does the regular GTi from early 2004. [gc] The Peugeot 206 performed reasonably well in the offset crash test (score 10.51 out of 16).. Common problem, but now it's fixable, by putting in the new pads from Peugeot. When the car's still under warranty, this will be done for free!.

Likes Received: 1. Make sure the roof opens and closes correctly. Lots of Mircoswitches and sensors means they can cause grief. XRMike, Sep 3, 2011. #2. ANO. A.N. Other Banned after significant club disruption Dec 5th 2.

Answer (1 of 3): I recently drove one, it was a temporary car from the Peugeot dealer since my parents' 5008 was at the dealer for servicing. It was a Peugeot 206 from the late 2000s (2004-2009) I must say… I was disappointed, but not for the obvious reasons: The condition of the car was fine..

Google. Exhausts are the most common problems on Peugeots. Majority if not all have something called Catalytic Convertors, which unlike other cars, connect the exhaust "directly" into the engine. With these as time goes by, there a chance that these will have simple problems that lead to expensive costs.

4. responses. Stalling when the car is run for a while and wipers come on. Engine stalls when driving, check light come up, air bag lights and front and rare wipers come on. 2006 1.6. Posted: Jun 28, 2022. 1. response. No throttle response.

Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 30, 2010. Hi. I've got a 05 plate 206 which i have had from new. A few weeks ago i started having intermittent starting problems no problems with battery as this has just been changed. I booked the vehicle into the Peugeot dealership to sort out the fault and also to service the vehicle at the same time.

Peugeot 206 GTi (1999 - 2006) Owner Reviews. Review. Owner Reviews. Specs. For Sale. Used Prices. 67 owners have reviewed their car and noted advice on any problems they have experienced. Average owner rating: 3.6 out of 5 3.6. 5 stars 12% of reviews (8)

After the rather lackluster 206 and 207 GTi generations, Peugeot hoped to recapture some of the magic of their much-loved eighties classic,. In this section we are going to look at some common problems with the 208 GTi's 1.6-litre engine and some other things to watch out for as well.

The 206 was originally launched as a hatchback with 1.1L, 1.4L, and 1.6L petrol engines and a 1.9L diesel engine, an HDi version with common rail coming later. In 1999 a 2.0L GTi capable of 210 km/h (130 mph), and in 2003 a tuned version of the GTi called the Peugeot 206 RC (GTi 180 in the UK), were added to the range.

They do have passive rear end steering, and they do have lift-off overstear not as bad as the 205's but still very much there. Problem Area's. Rear Axle: It's a tube with roller bearing in it, the bearings don't tend to move a hell of a lot and can wear the shaft over time. It will cause funky toe and camber issues.

Australian Peugeot 206 GTI site. Peugeot 206 GTI. Enter your search terms Submit search form : Web: 206gti.net: 17/2/2013:. They said to see how it goes. However, I had the problem just after I left the dealer. Greg from Taylors, if you read this -> I think the MAP sensor needs replacing! Will call monday! :-) 12/02/2003:

Although the 2005 Peugeot 206 has the most overall complaints, we rate the 2000 model year as worse because of other possible factors such as higher repair cost or more problems at lower mileage.

Peugeot are certainly one of the most popular brands in the UK and across much of Europe. They produce a wide range of car types from small SUVs to small city cars and from MPVs to family estates. They have also produced some classics along the way too with he legendary 206 GTi becoming a very sought after car these days among a few others from the marque too.

The local 206 "Rallye Edition" model (an otherwise regular GTi) came with a Devil rear exhaust, hatch spoiler and the stick on guard moulds (and a PS2, Logitech steering wheel with WRC 2 game). I think they only came in black. The stick on guard moulds were originally a 206 GT accessory, for when Peugeot was homologating the 206 WRC. It had.

The Peugeot 208 is the sequel to the Peugeot 208. 207. For this, the model 206 and 205 already on the market. The Peugeot 205 is also called the saviour of this car brand. Since 1982, 142,349 of them have been sold in the Netherlands. The Peugeot 206 has had some 153,218 new sales in the Netherlands. All these types were incredibly popular!

Discussion Starter · #3 · Mar 7, 2019. Sorted out the noise and lack of pulling power. Turns out the jubilee clip on the pipe going into the turbo came loose, so the pipe was hanging off. Car was running fine for a few days and now has developed a problem where the alarm goes off for no reason approximately 1 minute after locking the car.

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